GEIT as connect between IT community and Academia

An important objective of project GEIT is to act like a bridge between the local/global Goan IT community and the academic institutions in the state, more specifically the schools.

The local IT industry and entrepreneurship ecosystem is in a blooming phase. Most of the young contributors in this domain are eager to reach out to fellow Goans in whichever ways they can. Conscious and consistent efforts are made by GEIT to connect the expertise in the IT industry with the academia for expert level sessions, e-content, app development,  equipment development etc.

Organisation like Goa IT Incubation Center (GITIC), Young Entrepreneurship Forum of GCCI, CII , Startup Goa etc. have also extended support to GEIT activities in vary many forms.

Android developer Prajyot Mainkar with Neura School KidsConnect between Institutes of higher learning & Schools 

GEIT has been able to create a  strong connect between many  institutes of higher learning and the rural schools in a very short span of time.

Students and faculty from Goa University, Goa Engineering College, PCC college of Engineering, Govt Polytechnic -Panaji,  DMC College- Mapusa , Chowgule College – Marago, National Institite of Technology(NIT) are closely associated with GEIT.

Connect between Govt and Academia

Project GEIT is also in constant pursuit to highlight the issues faced by the teachers and the learners with specific reference to technology infrastructure.

We are in the process of creating a factual datasheet of technology related resources and services available in secondary schools in Goa. Our initial experiences have been pointing to sad state of affairs of the IT infrastructure and connectivity in schools in Goa. We wish to voice these concerns with the government with factual data so that pressure can be built up to improve the infrastructure.

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