Pilot Phase

In the pilot phase project GEIT has been started in three schools in Goa. St.Barthelomews High School – Chorao, Azmane High School-Neura , Mandur and Dayanand High School – Gokulde, Paddi, Quepem. The response  has been overwhelming from all quarters. The school students as well as teachers are showing great enthusiasm in being part of the project.

Regular sessions on  technology

School students are divided into two broad categories based on the class in which they are studying. Group I-  6th and 7th standard students , Group II – 8th and 9th standard students. childGokuldem

They are introduced to programming using child friendly programming language developed by  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) known as SCRATCH.

The groups will be exposed to robotics, animation, app development etc. in a fun and easy manner in the next  phases.

In addition to the regular sessions , Expert Sessions are conducted in each of the schools under the project all through the year.  Holiday camps are also organised by GEIT  so that students get to work on the  technology handson without affecting their routine academic schedule.

Sessions by Experts

In addition  lectures by experts are conducted 1-2 times in a month on  topics relevant to latest trends in technology by resource persons from the Industry and Academia.

Schools across Goa will be introduced in Project GEIT  in a phased manner through a carefully laid out screening mechanism.