Goa has several advantages that make it an ideal location for a flourishing IT industry. Goans have a special bonding with their home state and prefer making their career in the state. However, Goa’s potential as an IT destination has gone largely unnoticed by the IT industry. A large number of Goans have had to leave their state to make a career in other parts of the country. A group of Goan IT professionals realized the need to reverse the trend and impress upon relevant bodies to think of Goa as a suitable abode for IT industry and established a registered body by the name Goan IT Professionals. The message spread rapidly through social media to establish a strong and vibrant organization with around 8000 members.

As a first step to show our presence, GITP members met with political leaders in Goa to discuss the need to encourage the industry. Cutting across party lines, every politician we met pledged full cooperation through policy decisions. This was followed by meetings with the Industry Leaders from Goa. Goa has a number of success stories and their experience has helped GITP in framing recommendations submitted to the government. Our mission has always been to assist the government, industry, academics and all other entities involved in developing a sustainable knowledge-based industry in Goa. GITP undertook a collaborative effort in submitting an elaborate memorandum to the government. The memorandum was widely covered by the print media and highly appreciated state-wide. It dealt with minute points that significantly make a positive move towards building conducive conditions in Goa. On a continuous basis, GITP will indulge with colleges to provide industrial knowledge to students.