Information Technology (IT) and related industries are one of the most Green, Clean and Intellectual industries in the world ideally suited for a place like Goa and it’s highly creative, passionate, literate and, environmentally and identity conscious people. It presents an exciting opportunity of wide array of modern employment opportunities to our youth right at their doorsteps in any corner of Goa, even without the need for expensive education and fancy qualifications.

As seen in other successful Indian IT hubs like Bangalore, by its very people-centric nature, the IT industry creates an complete ecosystem of high-paying jobs not just for engineers and educated folks but also for the blue-collar segment through its need for accommodation, house-keeping, transportation, catering, restaurants and the full gamut of amenities and support services. This will offer the entire strata of the Goan society better employment as compared to Mining, Tourism and Government which have been the mainstays of local employment so far in Goa.

The IT world is highly mobile with professionals travelling to client locations abroad and clients visiting the IT companies’ development centres in India. This is necessitated by the need for in-person activities like meetings, trainings, requirement gathering, solution design, management reviews, audits, solution installation and deployment, critical production support, consulting etc. As a result Goa will see a much higher quality inflow of high-spending tourists compared to the current dismal situation wherein even the regular tourist inflow has been on a serious decline in recent years.

The global goodwill that brand Goa enjoys due to its Tourism industry, unique Indo-European heritage and the worldwide presence of the Goan diaspora is enormous and can be effectively tapped to the advantage of Goans in Goa through the presence of IT and related industries in Goa. IT application in creative fields like music, animation, graphics, movies and many general arts would provide a global business boost to the creative Goans in Goa.

Knowledge and information exchange channels available through IT would help many local occupations like farming, horticulture, animal husbandry, fishing, artisans, handicrafts etc. gain direct access to the markets without middlemen, latest national and global advancements, and, governmental initiatives in their respective fields. This should help boost many of our struggling and dying traditional occupations.

As demonstrated through our Project GEIT, using IT our education system can be enhanced bringing the latest global technological learning exposure right down to our villages and ignite our young minds towards a fruitful, progressive future in a highly competitive world.

With IT most of our governmental systems and processes can be simplified and made available online bringing in tremendous transparency and performance accountability from the elected leaders as well as government officers. This could help significantly reduce corruption while improving efficiency far beyond the little that has been done so far in Goa in the name of eGovernance.

If we adopt the right approach to the IT industry in Goa focused on enabling Goans to prosper in Goa then our chronic brain drain could be stopped and even reversed thereby uplifting the intellectual and economic wealth of our precious little state. Hence though it is important to expose and oppose frauds and scandals happening in the name of IT in Goa, far more important is to understand what and how Goans in Goa could gain through the right approach to IT for our Goemkarponn (Goan Identity) cannot survive, leave alone thrive, without economic empowerment of Goans in Goa. Done the right way, IT industry could change the future of Goans in Goa for good. Let’s think through and act wise.