A rough estimate of 55,000/- rupees(on the lower side) per school has been derived to conduct ongoing activities and procure necessary and bare minimum equipment’s at each of the schools.

Funds for pilot phase schools

The responsibility of sponsoring Chorao School activities has been taken up the local community. The Dayanand Bandodkar High School, Quepem has been sponsored by the Goa Engineering College Alumni Group. A company has also promised to redirect funds to GEIT through its CSR activity.

Goa Government funds for Schools under GEIT

Enthused by the press reports regarding Project GEIT, Government of Goa has also spelt out plans to provide financial backing to operational expenses of activities of project GEIT to the tune of Rs 50,000/- per school to be spent over two years – to be directly transferred to the school account. The implementation of the same is awaited.


Although our primary effort is in getting as much voluntary work done as possible through community effort, the field is demanding in terms of basic infrastructure requirement. Only constant inflow of funds will ensure smooth functioning of the project for years to come.

IMMO team with the computers donated by them for project GEIT Schools

The team  wants to make a categorical mention here that since government funding involves significant amount of red tapism  we wish to refrain from relying on such funding completely. As an when it comes it can be utilized judiciously under the monitoring of GEIT team but we do not wish to wait for the government funding to make  the project get going and pick up pace.

That is why consistent efforts are being made by our team for fund generation, equipment sponsoring etc. for the project. Although we have got good response from some quarters all help extended in this regards would be always welcome.

Utilisation of Funds

In each of the schools the funds will be utilized under the two designated tracks decided for project GEIT.

The first track is of taking regular, beyond syllabus sessions in programming, Robotics, App development, animation etc. The second track is IT enabling of  teaching learning process w.r.t. syllabus.

For the first track funds will be required to pay stipend/travelling and other small time expenses to volunteers. But, procurement of accessories, robotic kits and other operational expenses is a major expense head.

For the second track funds will be utilized to procure state of the art equipments, E-content – online as well as offline, collating and making content available in the public domain so that it can be used by teachers and students from across Goa.

Our ground zero experience in the pilot phase has brought to the forefront the extremely sad state of IT infrastructure in Goan schools. A large part of our funding had to be directed  towards putting the computer labs in place. We have been experimenting with low cost hardware and open source softwares  to update the school labs.

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