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Welcome to Goa

365 days Innovation

365 days Innovation

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Goa has several advantages that make it an ideal location for a flourishing IT industry. Goans have a special bonding with their home state and prefer making thier career in the state. However, Goa’s potential as an IT destination has gone largely un-noticed by the IT industry. A large number of Goans have had to leave their state to make a career in other parts of the country.

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Why Goa?
  • 1500+ Students
  • 8 Engineering Colleges
  • 250+ IT Companies
  • Infra Structure
How IT Benefits Goa

Improving the overall economy and employment situation in Goa.

Reverse the prevalent brain drain of Goan educated workforce

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Goa IT Buzz

What People Say

The Goa facility handles more than Rs 60 crore business and had been growing at 15 per cent year-on-year. With the expansion, we expect the growth rate to touch 20-25 per cent

Girish Bharne, Centre Head


Goa offers price advantages as well as the high standard of living needed to attract the kind of
highly skilled personalities we need to come work for us from around the world. We're going global from Goa!

Cory York, CEO


Goa’s Hub

For many year’s Goa has been a perfect destination for many reputed companies and start ups



A tiny device that turns any audio speaker into a Bluetooth speaker with high-resolution audio.



NetPlug lets users control your devices over the internet via…



FleetRover delivers uncluttered insights into fleet movement, position, behaviour and health Surface real-time actionable insights through GPS tracking hardware connected to vehicle ECMs.

browntape app


eCommerce software that allows Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal sellers to manage orders & inventory centrally