Online Content repository for IT  enabling of the Teaching Learning Process

Technology enabling of educators as well as learners is one of the key objectives of GEIT. One of our key plan in this direction is to prepare a repository of content based on Goa board syllabus which can be used by teachers as well as students from across Goa. geit-connectThe online repository will contain Text, Presentations, Videos, Links to useful content sites, Sample Question and Answer papers and all such online resources which can enhance the teaching learning process. GEIT plans to build up this repository with the help of the Goan Academic Community.


Key Areas GEIT plans to foray in as part of content track

  • Preparing an online repository of publicly accessible Goa Board syllabus bases academic content through community efforts
  • Aiding the teachers in finding subject/topic specific quality content
  • Providing Technology level hand holding for the teachers in the content building exercise.Please Visit our FB Page to keep abreast of GEIT’s ongoing activities