Project GEIT (Goans Empowered with IT)

Project GEIT  of GITP is woven around the broad theme of technology empowerment of Goan Youth for quality employment. The primary target audiences for the project in its first phase are secondary level students from rural schools in Goa.

GEIT aims to reach out to young minds, fuel their creativity and turn it into passion.  We also envisage sparking in our children a deep interest in the scientific thought process and its logical application through computer technologies to solve many a present-day problems for business as well as the society. We are optimistic that such passionately carried out works in domains of ones choice can transform lives and societies in turn.

Broad high level objectives of project GEIT

  • Introducing secondary level students to latest advancements in the field of Information & Communication Technology such as programming, robotics, app development etc.
  • Acting as a connect between Academia and IT Industry with reference to knowledge sharing with special emphasis on secondary level Information & Communication Technology Education .
  • Contributing to IT enabling of the Teaching Learning Process
  • Act as a facilitator in building a quality repository of online content for secondary school level educators and learners
  • Being a connect between academic and government more specifically with issues related to technology Infrastructure and e-content.
  • Trying to tackle brain drain problem at the grass root level

Goans Empowered with IT

Project GEIT envisages creation of a brigade of IT empowered youth in the state of Goa through proactive community participation. The idea is to take advancements in IT to young creative minds. How, when and where they can use it is left to them. Our role is just that of a true facilitators. The option of being IT empowered Knowledge workers in their own domain or specialized IT professionals will entirely be their own.

Project GEIT is our effort in making this superpower known as ‘Goan Community’ realize and unleash its true potential to make impossible say  ‘I’m Possible.

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