Project GEIT aims to make significant value addition to the academic systems at the secondary level of schooling through the two chosen tracks.

On the  track one , high tech IT courses introduced by GEIT in schools will orient the students towards advancements in the field of IT.

On the second track by working in tandem with the educators as well as the learners constantly and consistently the project expects to bring about a significant improvement in the teaching learning process.

chorao-school2The utility of skill sets like programming, robotics, app developments go beyond the boundaries of any particular domain.

Regular academic system at School level will not be able to provide these skills to students at least in the near future. By imparting these skill sets to the students in such non conventional, open format methods through a community supported initiative we expect to give a basic boost to their capabilities.

Over the years enthused and charged minds from these groups can be imparted further fine tuned skills. In the process we envisage to build a brigade of technology empowered youth who know the basics of turning ideas into products. They can further build on these basic skill sets to work in their favoured domains or carry on working in the field of Information technology.

By imparting practically usable skills and mentoring to students we expect to build a section of youth force that will think in terms of being entrepreneurs and employment opportunity producers and not just consumers of such opportunities.

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